History of Our Practice

The Practice at Spalentor was founded in 2001 and offers evidence-based psychotherapy and counselling for a wide range of issues and disorders. Each member of our team is highly experienced, has undertaken rigorous training and is registered and accredited by the Swiss Federation of Psychotherapy.

The Practice at Spalentor was founded in 2001 by Lukas Richterich, Vreni Richterich, Ruth Müllejans and Sabine Hefti. Today the practice is run by Sabine Hefti, Ariane Kroll, Berit Ötsch and Brigitte Hochuli.

For over twenty years, our practice has stood for high-quality psychotherapy based on the current state-of-the-art in scientific psychotherapy research.

We regularly exchange information about our work and reflect together on the development of our field.

We have long been involved in the higher education of future colleagues, working as board members and teaching staff of the «Postgradualen Studiengänge in Psychotherapie» at the University of Basel, as well as providing supervision and self-experience to trainee counsellors.

With the «Junior Partner Project», we created the opportunity for young colleagues to experience working as self-employed professional psychotherapists.

We are in close contact with universities and providers of training programmes, as well as other psychotherapy practices.

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