Expatriate Counselling and Psychotherapy

Living in a foreign country is exciting but not all glamour.

Living in a foreign country can be exciting! Seeing new places, trying exotic foods, experiencing different customs, learning a new language and meeting people from different cultures.

But the life of an expat is not all glamour: there can be loneliness away from the support of family and friends, frustration at not being able to communicate as well as you are used to or the culture shock of being confronted with a different set of values and customs.

Our services include counselling, psychotherapy and coaching to the English speaking international community of Basel. We are committed to helping our clients find solutions to the unique challenges faced by global citizens.

We offer confidential individual counselling and psychotherapy in German, English and French for children, adolescents and adults as well as couples and families experiencing anxiety, loneliness, depression, marriage conflict, trailing spouse resentment, third culture kid issues, career decisions and anything else that that might come up in the life of an expat.

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