Counselling for Adults

Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental and emotional disorders and suffering by means of scientific, evidence-based psychological methods.

Mental health issues can affect anyone and have a wide range of causes. They might manifest themselves in the form of stress, life and identity crises, depression, anxiety, other mental illnesses or even traumatic reactions.

Psychological counselling will start with an intake session in which your therapist will get to know you and the issues that brought you into treatment. You will be asked to describe your current symptoms or struggles, life circumstances and what you hope to gain from the counselling.

This first session is also about making a connection with your therapist in which you can feel safe, accepted and understood. This will make it easier to work through difficult and painful issues and will help you discover, build and strengthen your own abilities and resources.

Following the initial consultation we will work together to decide how to continue, which goals you would like to achieve and how often we should meet.

Psychotherapy is about understanding yourself – about how you feel, think and act. You can learn to change unwanted behaviour or dysfunctional patterns and develop a healthy sense of self-esteem.

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