There are many reasons for couples to seek counselling. The main goal of couples therapy is to help you understand the dynamic of your relationship and develop more healthy ways of dealing with difficult situations.

Couples Check-Up

Our check-up is designed to help you understand where you stand as a couple. You will gain insight into potential stumbling blocks and what works well.

Your relationship situation will be discussed and explored by means of diagnostic methods such as the use of specific questionnaires. This will help us define the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, after which further recommendations for you as a couple can be made.

Couples Counselling

Intimate relationships are an important source of happiness and emotional stability. Long-lasting relationship issues on the other hand, can make the relationship feel like a burden.

Problems such as frequent conflicts, unfulfilled expectations or betrayal are often reasons for couples seeking counselling. Other issues might be involuntary childlessness or a physical or mental illness of one partner.

In couples therapy you will receive support in identifying the issues at hand and clarifying goals and motivation. You will be encouraged to speak about your hopes and wishes as well as your concerns.

We will further work with you to explore your needs and what you want from your relationship while offering support in improved communication and problem solving skills. You will get to know yourself and your partner better and will learn to help one another to make the positive changes you are longing for.

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